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Let your bright idea provide you with an income.

Every New Soda product has an original idea behind it. Some ideas are fun, some ideas are born of frustration, but we always begin with an idea…

We love getting bright ideas and making them into original products. We’re on the lookout for new ideas from designers, inventors, Mums, Grandads, even kids.

If you have a great idea and we think it would sell, we will invest into getting your product made. If people like it, it could make you money in royalties…


Do you have an idea for a product, but don’t know how to make it a reality?

We would love to hear from you…


Our First Bright Idea

Sinkstation™ was the launch platform for our business.
The product went from a simple solution to a kitchen problem, to selling thousands of units in its first year and winning 2 industry awards…

Sinkstation™ is now available in over 20 countries and continues to be one of our best selling kitchen gadgets…

Could your bright idea be our next success story?

How does it work?

Put simply… you send us your idea, if we think we can make it work, we’ll get in touch with you. We have a full set of terms and conditions, plus an inventor FAQ section which contains answers to commonly asked questions.

Step 1 – Submit the idea

Using our idea submission form, send us your idea along with any drawings or concepts. Send us your contact details too, as we might need these to get in touch with you.


Step 2 – We review it

Our design team will review all of the ideas at our weekly product brainstorm. We’ll get in touch if your idea is being explored further. If you aren’t successful we’ll let you know too.


Step 3 – We prototype & design

Our team will mock up 3D CAD renders and then produce a 3D printed model. After a few tweaks and financial checks we then test the design before putting it into production.


Step 4 – Decide on the packaging

The fun really begins as we agree the final packaging and colour options.


Step 5 – We show it to our buyers

We’ll take the product to exhibitions and trade shows and show international buyers. We’ll also contact our network of sales agents who can sell your idea to stores across the world.


Step 6 – You receive a commission on sales

Once the orders come in, we’ll start paying you a commission (called royalties) on every unit that is sold!

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At present we are experiencing high submission rates and it may not be possible to reply or feedback. We apologise for this and hope to have increased our capacity to provide replies in the near future.

You are still very welcome to submit your idea, but please accept that you may not get a reply at this time. All idea submissions are read and considered.