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About Working With Us

New Soda work with factories across the world, to produce innovative housewares.

New Soda Ltd use both internal and external inventors and designers to bring new and innovative items to market and we welcome ideas submissions from outside of our company. We cannot take on and make every item that we review, this may be because it does not fit within our business model or niche, but it does not mean that the ideas does not have merit and it might work for another company.

We do review every item and idea that we receive and will always aim to get back to you with a reply with 4 weeks of your submission.

The process of our review is that your idea is summited to us via the submission section of our website. The ideas page gives you the opportunity to briefly describe your product. It can also be useful if you send in pictures or a link to a video so we can better understand how it works. We will review all ideas internally; this can take up to 4 weeks depending on the time of year.  If we like the item and we think we can put it into production we will contact you with details of how we would like to proceed and may ask you to look at what is called a ‘Royalty Agreement’ which lists details of your possible Royalty payments based on sales, and also lists details like exclusivity and responsibilities. Once the agreement has been agreed by both parties and signed, New Soda will proceed with the necessary steps to get the product prototyped and manufactured.

Once an agreement has be signed, New Soda Ltd will usually take on any costs of further development such as making models or prototypes, expand the concept and so on.

In submitting your idea or design you accept the following Terms & Conditions:

Terms and Conditions

  • The presentation of items submitted via the New Soda website or via other electronic means such as but not limited to email, video conferencing, instant messaging or via Social Media is from the designer, inventor or person with the idea ( the “Presenter”) to the company New Soda Ltd (the “Viewer”).
  • “The Idea” will be the design or concept that is submitted and for the purposes of these terms and conditions will be referred to as the “The Idea” below.
  • The “Presenter” accepts that the “Viewer” is an experienced professional in the housewares industry.
  • The object of the presentation is for the “Viewer” to examine the idea with a view to the possibility of manufacturing the associated item under the New Soda brand.
  • It is the “Presenters” best belief that the idea presented is sufficiently original in the form presented to be the subject of a Licensing Agreement.
  • The “Presenter” has all the rights to the idea, including the right to present it.
  • The “Presenter” knows of no impediment to the presentation of the item or idea and its potential licensing.
  • The “Presenter” accepts that the “Viewer” is under no obligation to manufacture the product based on the idea at any time
  • The “Presenter” accepts that the “Viewer” is a regular recipient of products ideas and that submission of an idea does not necessarily constitute originality.
  • The “Presenter” accepts that the idea (or a similar idea) may have been presented to the “Viewer” previously and that the viewer may already be aware of or working on an idea that is similar or even the same. The “Viewer” will always treat the idea submitted in a confidential manner.
  • The “Presenter” accepts that a similar idea may be submitted by another person or different “Presenter” at another time and the “Viewer” may choose to develop an idea that has been presented at a later date, if the description or presentation is more relevant at that time, or the idea more clearly described in the opinion of the “Viewer”.
  • The “Viewer” acknowledges that he/she has seen the idea or ideas presented and undertakes as follows:
  • Any information and descriptions, visuals or models presented will only be divulged to people working within the “Viewer’s” company or affiliated companies or individuals on a need to know basis. Information may be divulged to relevant personnel at external professional testing companies or to other consultants working for the “Viewer’s” company provided that the information is afforded the same degree of protection and confidentiality as if it were the viewing company’s own idea or ideas.
  • The presentation or submission of an idea does not itself constitute an agreement by either party as to the future of the item.
  • No contract is implied by the submission of any idea by a “Presenter”.
  • The “Viewer” is under no obligation to purchase or develop any idea presented.
  • No exclusive rights are granted to either party as a result of the presentation.
  • The presentation does not imply, in the strictly legal sense, a confidential relationship between “Viewer” and “Presenter”.

New Soda Policy Regarding Signing Confidentiality Agreements

While it is the company policy to handle all submissions with the greatest degree of confidentiality and reveal information only on a need to know basis for the purposes of evaluation, it is not the company’s policy to sign legal documents based on a confidential relationship.

The reason for our refusal to sign such documents is fundamentally that in our experience they are of little practical value.

In such a document we should have to exempt all ideas which have been or are being developed within the company, all ideas having been submitted by others, all ideas which manufacturers bring to us for discussion, all ideas which are in the public domain, all ideas which are covered by patents or patent applications etc. In addition to the exemptions, there is a grey area of overlapping features between various ideas in the housewares industry which are difficult to define as they relate to each specific submission. For someone who is not professionally engaged in our industry these overlaps are difficult to appreciate and fully understand.

The reputation of the company has been – and will continue to be – built up over many years and it relies upon the trust that exists between our company, factories throughout the world and a number of independent inventors and designers who work with us. Obviously any breach of trust by us in respect to anyone would have gravely damaging consequences to our reputation. Our integrity is the best guarantee we can offer to anyone wishing to submit their product ideas and inventions to New Soda.

If you are applying for, or intending to apply for a technical patent for your idea, then please contact us before submitting your idea for any further clarification that you feel you may need.

Contacting us

If you have any other questions about our terms and conditions, please feel free to write to us:-

New Soda Ltd,

1 Market Place Mews Henley on Thames RG9 2AH
+44 (0) 203 603 3888